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Apply to join the Traffic ID domain name service.

We would like to offer you, as a professional domainer, the chance to have some of your renewal fees covered while DBR (Domain Broker Australia) receive all your inbound domain name sales enquiries.

DBR are arguably Australia’s most successful domain name brokerage firm!

DBR guarantee to secure you a better sales price than you could generate yourself. Even with the small broker fee, you stand to make more money on the sale of each of your domain names, than if you chose to sell your names yourself.

Apart from having DBR broker your names for you, Traffic ID will help pay some of your renewal fees while you wait for your names to sell. Timing is everything, in terms of selling a particular domain name, and as a professional domainer or domain name invester, you understand that it can take anywhere from ten months to ten years to sell a domain name for its optimal price. We feel that if we can help you generate a reasonable monthly income to help pay your renewal fees, you won’t mind the wait as much.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept every domainer’s portfolio of names into our Traffic ID service, but if you would like to fill out the form, we will carefully consider adding you as a valued VIP Traffic ID client.

To get started, pleaseĀ EMAIL us 50 examples of current domain names in your portfolio.