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TrafficID is a full-service domain name portfolio asset management company for professional domainers who own more than 500 domain names.


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Domain Monetisation

We help Australian domainers earn passive income toward their domain names to help cover their renewal fees. Imagine if we could dramatically reduce your renewal fees? Or make you enough passive income from your names to get rid of your renewal fees altogether? This would enable you to save thousands of dollars per year. You simply point your DNS to our servers and we manually park your names in accordance with auDA policy rules and defend them if necessary for no extra charge. Please note: we obviously can’t take on domain names that don’t meet auDA Policy.

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Professional Domain Brokering

DBR is Australia’s best domain brokerage firm. They hold the record for selling for $132,000 AU in 2017. That’s one of the highest reported sales of an Australian domain name ever. When you use Traffic ID to monetise your domain name, DBR receives inbound purchase inquiries for your domains, ensuring counter-offers are dealt with same-day. You will always receive the highest possible offer for the sale of your domains. DBR take a small, agreed percentage, but never charge a fee for service unless successful.

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To use our service, we require you to move all your domains to our service. We charge $29.95 for two years renewal fees per domain name. In this way, with all your names stored in one place at Registry Australia, we can access your names, change DNS settings for you, and perform daily tasks on your portfolio. You will of course have full-admin access with your own username and password. We will receive domain name renewal notices for your names, at the same time as you, so we can be sure you’re deliberately letting a domain name go if you’re experiencing a busy period in your usual day job.

If you currently own at least 500 premium Australian domain names, apply today.